amazon river cruise peru

Peru Amazon tours and cruises start and finish in Iquitos, located on the banks of the Amazon River, or in the city of Nauta, some two hour’s drive south. Both cities are the center of Amazon River cruise activity in Peru, and are found in the enormous province of Loreto, in North-Eastern Peru. In fact, two-thirds of Peru’s land mass is covered by the Peruvian Amazon jungle, much of it unspoiled and waiting to be explored by riverboat. Rainforest Cruises will help you find the best Peru Amazon cruise for your vacation.
An Amazon River cruise in Peru will provide you with a genuine experience of the mighty Amazon River, the rainforest and all the wildlife and people who call it their home. Mischievous capuchin monkeys, tasty Amazonian superfruits, smiling locals and rich rainforest scenery will be sure to give you a lifetime of lasting memories. The best way to visit the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest is to tour backwaters aboard a traditional riverboat. River travel is still the primary method of transportation in the region as the Amazon rainforest is mainly a roadless wonder. An amazon river cruise peru is the only way to access the narrow, winding creeks and tributaries. Trips head deep into the rainforest for the best wildlife-spotting opportunities, jungle treks and local community visits.
The Amazon Rainforest contains some of the most vibrant and exotic wildlife in the world. It is home to pink and grey river dolphins, three-toed sloths, jaguars, macaws, capuchin monkeys, anacondas, to name just a few. Some of these creatures are endemic to the Amazon region, so being able to see them in their natural habitat is quite spectacular. The Pacaya Samiria National Reserve in Peru boasts some of the Amazon’s most abundant biodiversity. Once you are there, just sit tight, be very quiet and use each of your senses to listen to leaves rustling in the trees!

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